Ex-Cop's Alleged Victim Abandons Modeling Career

The victim Jeannie E. testified she thought the former officer wanted oral sex but defense attorneys insist Anthony Arevalos never made any specific requests

A young woman who claims she was propositioned by a San Diego police officer says she had disturbing images of having sex with him and the encounter has forced her to abandon her dream of being a model.

Prosecutors argue it's a pattern of illegal behavior that gives jurors the evidence they need, to convict former San Diego police officer Anthony Arevalos.

On Thursday, jurors heard more from a 20 year-old woman who Arevalos stopped Dec. 29 for expired vehicle registration at 11th and B Streets.

The judge has ordered the media to identify the alleged victim as Jeannie E.

She’s one of seven women who claim that traffic officer Anthony Arevalos implied or elicited sexual favors from them, in return for dropping their drunk driving charge or say he actually molested them during a traffic stop.

Jeannie E. said she asked to get out of a DUI citation but didn't have anything to offer the officer. She told the court she was surprised when the then-officer was willing to negotiate the ticket.

She testified that she thought he was asking for oral sex.

"When he mentions going off in a dark corner for a half hour, I guess that was the only reason I could think of why we would go into a dark corner," she said. 

On cross examination, the defendant's lawyers stressed that Arevalos never specifically mentioned sex to Jeannie E. and did not use any sexual words.

She testified that she was alone with officer Arevalos for 45 minutes before a second officer arrived to the traffic stop.

The student said the incident has made her rethink modeling as a career choice.

“I just don’t want to feed into the objectification of women any more than I already feel it,” she testified.

“The fact that it happened to me, that such sexism spreads even into law enforcement is really sad.”

The 18-year veteran of the San Diego police department is accused of harassing and detaining women during traffic stops, listened as women testified they were asked about boyfriends, breast implants, wet T-shirt contests and pubic hair.

Several of those alleged victims have already filed claims or lawsuits against the police department, seeking payment for that alleged sexual abuse.

Arevalos has pleaded not guilty. He faces 19 years in prison if convicted of all charges.

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