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Entrepreneur Announces Luxury Floating Day Club for Mission Bay

The indoor-outdoor 3,900-square-foot floating adult fun house is slated for a fall 2020 opening


San Diegans could soon find a luxury multi-story, floating day club and bar motoring around Mission Bay come fall 2020.

When asked what it is exactly, a company spokesperson said they're trying to stay away from labels because it will be custom designed and doesn't fit into any of the current industry standards -- it's being designed "from the barge up."

Founder and entrepreneur Brad Hunter and his team are calling it “AQUAlounge.”

That name is fitting for a project that will feel more like a luxury Vegas pool club than a club barge on Mission Bay.

"The current dinner cruise model is outdated, relying on tourists and minimal repeat business," spokesperson Carissa Rosenthal said. "The industry has not innovated in years, delivering an average experience at best. Yet the Ocean Cruise industry is booming; launching new, innovative experiences due to customer demand."

The vessel plan includes three floors featuring two bars, dining areas, private cabanas and daybeds, and on-board entertainment such as live music, according to a press release.

The indoor-outdoor 3,900-square-foot floating adult fun house is slated for a fall 2020 opening.

Credit: AQUAlounge

Planners said the first-of-its-kind project has been six years in the making as Hunter had to receive permits and approvals from the U.S. Coast Guard and the city of San Diego.

“Designing and building a vessel so far from the industry standards has certainly created a fair amount of challenges,” said Hunter, who is working with a team of nautical design specialists.

Mission Bay is a popular water sports venue for sailing, motorboats, kayaking and more. San Diego has yet to see how "AQUAlounge" will fit into the busy recreational area.

“Mission Bay is the largest man-made aquatic recreation area in the world, entertaining 15 million visitors annually,” Hunter said. “The area has the best year-round weather in the country, a lively hospitality scene, and breathtaking bay views, yet there are no viable options for enjoying great food, drink and entertainment on the water…it feels like a very exciting opportunity.”

"AQUAlounge" will use Hyatt Regency Mission Bay Spa and Marina for docking services, Rosenthal told NBC 7.

The project's funding comes from Hunter as well as undisclosed investors.

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