Election Day Waiting Game Nerve-Racking for Candidates, Supporters Alike

The Election Day waiting game is stressful for the candidates, but it’s also stressful for all the people behind the scenes who knocked on doors, stood on corners, put up signs, and made countless phone calls to support those candidates or propositions.

Some of those people include high school students participating in their first elections.

“It’s not as much stressful as it is nervous,” said Chula Vista High School senior Jared Rubio.

The 18-year-old was operating a phone bank in Chula Vista as the hours ticked away on Election Day.

Rubio said he was nervous because he invested his personal time in something he believes in.

“I’ve put in about a hundred hours,” said Rubio.

“I’m very anxious,” said fellow senior Miguel Davis. “I’ve always been interested in politics.”

The Chula Vista High School students said the volunteering started as a school-mandated service assignment but turned into a passion project.

“I can’t imagine how people who are running feel," said Alexas Skipper, another high school senior.

“Kind of feel like an attachment to them,” said senior Zachary Savage. “I’ve worked with them and seen them first hand and talked to them.”

It’s a nervous energy felt by everyone from the candidates to the students.

“I’m nervous about the results but I know that I did all that I could have done,” said Savage.

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