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Educator Union to Meet With SDUSD About Budget Shortfall

In a union newsletter, the union and the district say they will talk about possibly shortening the work year.

The Administrators Association of San Diego (AASD) is planning to meet Thursday with the San Diego Unified School District to address the budget shortfall.

AASD is the union representing principals, vice principals, managers and supervisors.

In a union newsletter, the union and the district say they will talk about possibly shortening the work year. It's part of the effort to make up for the budget shortfall. Already, 85 positions have been eliminated.

That includes some vice principals for elementary schools and administrators at some child development centers. Now, those who still have a job could be faced with less work, which means less pay.

Mary Todd is a grandparent to students at Serra High School in Tierrasanta.

"I don’t think they need to cut the hours, because people got to live, people got to pay bills," Todd said.

Parent Cheri Korobkin told NBC 7, "I feel bad for the people being cut, but I guess they have to stick to the budget."

The Executive Director and President of the union, Donis Coronel, said she does not know how many people could be affected, or how many days of the work year could be reduced.

"Obviously, work load is an issue. Losing 85 positions and potentially losing some of the work year translates to a work load issue," said Coronel.

Until there is a proposal from the District, she does not want to comment further.

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