Driver Slams Into Chula Vista Apartment

A Chula Vista man said he is lucky to have survived a car crashing into his apartment -- all because he didn't follow his regular routine.

A driver in a white Mercedes SUV drove into a lower level unit at the Bonita Hills Apartments, located at 1424 Ridgeback Road, at 5:45 p.m. Thursday.

"Things were breaking," said upstairs neighbor Brock Veth. "Never felt anything like that before."

He rushed downstairs to find the SUV lodged deep into the soggy walls of his neighbor's apartment.

Two people in the vehicle suffered minor injuries, but neither were taken to the hospital, according to authorities.

However, the man living in the apartment was unscathed.

"My wife and I were super relieved when we heard he decided to take a nap in his bedroom and not his living room," said Veth. "Oh man, he wouldn't be here."'

According to Chula Vista police, the woman driving the car said her brakes went out.

Building inspectors were called to the scene to assess the damage. About an hour later, a tow truck had removed the vehicle, and repairs on the apartment were underway.

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