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Driver Found Guilty of ‘Wildcatting' Illegal Taxi Service at Border

Wildcatters are able to quote low prices and offer unfair competition to licensed shuttles, taxis and ride-sharing providers.

A Los Angeles man was found guilty of "wildcatting"--running an illegal taxi service--at the border, confirmed the San Diego City Attorney's Office Tuesday.

The City Attorney's Office prosecuted the man for running a transportation service lacking proper licenses and inspections.

Norberto Romero Corona was convicted of offering to sell transportation services without a permit and soliciting within the Border Public Safety Zone in San Ysidro by a San Diego Superior Court Jury.

Corona was ordered to keep away from the border zone, except when he must cross the border, and was fined $1,000. He also must serve three years of probation.

“Transportation services must operate in a safe and legal way,” City Attorney Mara W. Elliott said in a statement. “Our Office will prosecute anyone who competes unfairly with taxi services.”

Wildcatting is the illegal selling of transportation services, without proper vetting by the authorities, according to the San Diego City Attorney's Office.

The wildcatters are known for trolling around the border pedestrian crossing in search of customers, said City Attorney's officials. They offer low prices to gain an unfair advantage over licensed shuttles, taxis and ride-sharing providers.

Lower prices are possible because the wildcatters are not permitted or inspected and often do not pay for insurance, stated the City Attorney's Office. 

The City Attorney's Consumer and Environmental Protection Unit offers a hotline to report fraud, waste or other environmental violations at (619)533-5600.

More information about filing a complaint is available on the City Attorney's website.

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