Scooter Rider's Skull Cracked in Crash

It's the third head injury reported from a scooter crash in three days in San Diego

For the third time in three days, someone riding a motorized scooter in San Diego has fallen and fractured their skull, according to San Diego police. 

On Monday, just after 9 p.m., a man was injured while riding a rental scooter near 1st Avenue and C Street downtown. 

The man was traveling northbound on 1st Avenue when he fell and struck his head, police said. He was rushed to the hospital with a fractured skull and a brain bleed, officers said. 

They did not release the speed at which the scooter was traveling at the time of the crash. 

In East Village Sunday, another man fell from a motorized scooter near Tenth Avenue and G Streets and suffered a fractured skull, a broken bone around his eye socket and a brain bleed, according to SDPD. 

In this incident, the man fell off the scooter after it had overturned, police said. 

On Saturday, a woman riding a motorized scooter fell and struck her head on the ground in the Liberty Station area of San Diego. SDPD officers investigating the crash said the woman's purse got caught up in the scooter's handlebars and she lost control. 

SDPD did not released the speeds of the scooter in the East Village or Liberty Station incidents.

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