Dog Stranded After Owner's Death

A Poway family is grieving over the loss of Robert Shields, 59, a truck driver who suffered a fatal heart attack Sunday afternoon while driving on Interstate 80 in Omaha, Nebraska.

As a result of the heart attack, Shields crashed his semi-tractor trailer off the side of the highway. His passenger at the time, a mixed-breed puppy named Zak, survived the crash but is stuck in Nebraska. Shields'  family is now asking for help to bring the dog back to Poway.

Zak was Shields' traveling companion and best friend and getting him home is now a top priority. 
Bobby Garrison, the victim's stepson said, “That's actually the first thing my mom asked, where's the dog? “
Family members believe that bringing Zak back to Poway will be like having a piece of Robert home too.  Garrison said, “That dog means everything to all of us, it’s the only thing we have left of my dad.”
Thanks to the generous people of Omaha, Zak is coming back to San Diego.  The Nebraska Humane Society solicited donations through the Omaha media.  Anyone wishing to donate is asked to make out a check to the Nebraska Humane Society, noting that it is for "Zak's Airfare." Any money over and above the cost of Zak's fare would be used for the next wayfaring pet.

Zak is expected to fly home to Poway sometime Tuesday.

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