Documents Reveal School Officer Previously Tased Another Teen

A police officer who responded to a fight that turned violent last Friday at Lincoln High School has been involved in at least one other violent incident with juveniles according to documents obtained by NBC 7.

The nearly 30-page report from October 2014 said Officer Bashir Abdi drove past two teen off-campus when he thought he smelled and saw marijuana. Abdi said he recognized one of the young men from a school where he previously worked.

The synopsis of the report stated Abdi tried to detain the teen multiple times by foot. At one point the teen allegedly reached into his pockets as he ran away from Abdi. Eventually he used his taser on the teen.

NBC 7 went to Abdi's El Cerrito apartment Monday night for comment, but no one answered.

"There needs to be an investigation into the actions of the Lincoln police officer,” activist Sally Smith said. “I do know that three years ago, there were no police officers on this campus, no full-time police officers and the campus was well managed and peaceful."

Cell phone video of Friday's incident at the school shows a student tased by an officer after what students called a ‘play fight’.
It's unclear though what happened before and after the video was shot.

San Diego Unified Board member Sharon Whitehurst-Payne said the city and the District Attorney's office are investigating. Once the investigation is complete, they will look into school policies.

“At this point in time, we don't know what the investigation is going to reveal,” Whitehurst-Payne told NBC 7. “Whatever it does, then at that point we will make some decisions and move forward."

San Diego Police immediately arrested one teen and now a second is in custody. Police said more arrests are expected.

Officer Abdi and five students were taken to the hospital following the fight.

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