DMV Investigates ‘Fraudulent' Websites Charging Users for Applications, Services

Unofficial websites are charging fees to customers trying to complete driver license and ID card applications online, according to the California DMV.

The department received reports of sites charging users for the new online driver license application.

In a released statement, the DMV warned Californians that there are no additional fees on any of its online applications or services.

There is only one official site for the DMV.

Many websites may have a disclaimer telling users they’re not official.

These sites may have inaccurate information about DMV services and charge unnecessary fees, according to the California DMV.

However, the state department does partner with many businesses to authorize some services, which may charge customers. To learn more about official partners of the DMV, see its website.

User agreements from these sites may allow for a user’s personal information to be sold to other companies, the DMV said.

If you believe you’ve found a fraudulent website, email DMV’s Investigations Division at

The DMV is currently investigating the reported websites for potential violation of consumer protection laws.

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