Deputy Justified in Shooting Death of Man in Alpine: DA

The San Diego County District Attorney's Office has determined a San Diego County Sheriff's Deputy was justified in the shooting death of a mentally ill man in Alpine.

Simon D. Hubble, 33, of Alpine died May 27 after an incident involving Deputy Aaron Miller.

Miller, a six-year veteran of the department, was called to Emmanuel Way to help search for what had been reported as a mentally ill, violent man.

The suspect left the area but officials say Miller met up with him on the road sometime later.

Hubble was holding a screwdriver in one hand a beer in the other.

Miller deployed his Taser twice. Each time Hubble managed to remove the dart and did not drop the beer in his hand, according to the DA Office's report.

As Hubble approached Miller holding the screwdriver, Miller asked the subject not to force him to shoot, the report states.

When Hubble got closer to the deputy than when he was tased, the deputy fired three shots, striking Hubble in the chest.

Deputies and paramedics tried to perform CPR, but Hubble died a short time later, officials said.

Toxicology report showed Hubble had several anti-anxiety, allergy and antipsychotic drugs in his system at the time of his death.

The District Attorney's Office found Deputy Miller was "reasonable" in his actions and bears no criminal liability.

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