Del Mar Implements New Train Horn

Starting this Friday, the busy railroad intersection on Coast Boulevard in Del Mar will officially implement a new train-crossing sound that resembles that of a train whistle.

The City of Del Mar named it the Wayside Horn System.

This new sound will alert pedestrians and drivers that a train is passing in addition to the train signal sound.

The new horn speakers sit on top of the crossing sign that focus sound toward approaching traffic, instead of the train blasting sound from all directions.

Train conductors can still blow their horns in case of emergencies.

A woman who frequents the area thinks the noise might be too obnoxious.

"It is quite loud and I find it a little intrusive for the people who live right near here," said Susan Gorin.

However, some residents in Del Mar don't mind the noise at all.

"I think it's a great idea for safety. We need something to let the people know that train is coming," said Joanne Phillips.

Del Mar residents and businesses raised more than $375,000 to help start this new horn system.

It was a two-year project by the City and North County Transit System in an effort to increase awareness when a train crosses.

This system will serve as a pilot for the region.

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