Andrew Johnson

Ice Plants Fall on Tracks, Triggering Bluff Collapse Fears and Delaying Trains

Loose ice plants fell onto the tracks Saturday in Del Mar, triggering fear of a bluff collapse and causing major train delays.

All trains between Sorrento Valley and Solana Beach were delayed from 1:15 p.m. until 3:15 p.m. Passengers were ferried by buses between the two stations during the time where train services stopped.

The North County Transit District inspected the area and confirmed it was some ice plants that fell off into the ocean.

Amtrak initially called the incident a bluff collapse and said it was “storm related.” A major Pacific storm this weekend spread showers across the county.

Wind gusts reached as high as 44 miles per hour in Del Mar, according to the National Weather Service. And about 0.7 of an inch of rain fell in the area as of 6 p.m. Saturday.

Wind advisories were issued across the county.

There have been several bluff collapses in the Del Mar area in the past three months, which have unnerved residents in the area.

Del Mar residents have called on North County Transit District to move the tracks away from the bluffs to prevent accidents in the future.

The North County Transit District said after a collapse October 2018 that it was working with SANDAG on a project to move the tracks underground but that it would cost billions of dollars and the project remains unfunded.

It was unclear when the project would begin.

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