Dad Pulls TV Off Injured Baby

TV falls on 8-month-old baby

An 8-month-old baby is suffering from major injuries after a TV fell on her Tuesday morning, according to firefighters.

The baby’s father says he was helping his wife clean up at their home on 34th Street in Normal Heights at about 8.45 a.m. when the accident happened.

“I’d just got done vacuuming and I turned around, because I had put her down on the floor while I was cleaning so she could crawl,” said the baby’s father, who only wanted to be identified as Rich.

He says his baby girl had been near the TV, looking at her cartoons.

“It’s something that she’s always doing, every day. Day by day she’s getting stronger and bigger. Today was the day when she could move that TV. Unfortunately my back was turned,” he said.

Rich says he turned his back on her for a second.

“The TV was on her,” he said. “On top of her. On top of her whole body. “

He dove and pulled the TV off his daughter. She was conscious.

“She was crying,” said Rich. “I’ve just been praying ever since.”

Rich says the TV had been sitting on a dresser.

“It was an old, boxy TV. Just on a dresser. We don’t have much furniture to begin with, so we work with what we have,” he said.

The father wants to warn other parents so that something like this doesn’t happen to them.

“Don’t turn your back on your kids for nothing. For nothing,” he said. “It’s something nobody wants to go through.”

The baby was transported to Rady Children’s Hospital with major injuries.

“I think she’s going to be ok,” he said. “I pray to God she will.”

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