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CVPD Reviewing Security Footage, Looking for Leads in Park Sex Assault

CVPD did not confirm if the man in the video is considered a suspect or a person of interest

Chula Vista police are reviewing security footage from a home near Otay Park where a woman was knocked unconscious and sexually assaulted Monday.

The woman in her mid-20s was exercising on a staircase at the east end of the park on that leads to Connoley Circle at about 8 p.m. when at least one person attacked her and she lost consciousness, Chula Vista Police Department (CVPD) Sgt. Matt Smith said Wednesday.

When she awoke, she realized she had been sexually assaulted and some of her belongings had been stolen, Smith said. She flagged down a person in the park and the passerby contacted police.


NBC 7 obtained security footage from a camera positioned above the driveway of a home on Connoley Circle showing a man walking east away from the park. He is seen stripping off his coat and peeking behind him before leaving the camera’s view.

CVPD did not confirm if the man in the video is considered a suspect or a person of interest, or even a person investigators want to question.

Connoley Circle is a large closed loop and would lead an eastbound traveler to the top of the park stairs where the attack happened. The video shows this person did not take the loop and instead came back in the opposite direction less than two minutes later.

The camera loses sight of the man as he walks behind a large bush. Just beyond that bush is a planter where police on Wednesday found the victim's identification and other stolen personal items.

Neighbors told NBC 7 they also saw police collect a coat and other clothing as evidence.

The clock in the corner of the security footage screen is seven minutes fast, according to the camera owner, due to an error made at the time of camera’s installation. The actual time the man comes in view is 8:10 p.m., five minutes after the attack was reported to police.

In the 17 minutes before the man was spotted, and the 43 minutes following, no other pedestrians are spotted by the camera.

NBC 7's Dave Summers explains the new piece of evidence found Wednesday, and how it could help police find their suspect.

The victim was unable to provide investigators with a description because she said she was attacked from behind.

She remains in the hospital with severe injuries.

CVPD is asking anyone who may know anything about this incident to contact the Family Protection Unit at 619-409-5830, or anonymous tips can be made by calling 619-422-TIPS (8477).

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