Customers Help Vista Cafe Owner Diagnosed With Cancer

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Neighbors in Vista are rallying around a beloved cafe owner who was recently diagnosed with bladder cancer. The diagnosis comes as Connie Ambacher struggles to keep her restaurant, Connie’s Café, open amid the pandemic.

“I just have the best clientele and I want to call them more than clientele, they become your friends, your family,” said Ambacher as she fought back tears.

Ambacher gets emotional when she talks about her customers and it's obvious, they love her too.

“It’s like Connie is your aunt,” said Traci Barnhill, a customer and friend.

“You walk in and instantly she starts cracking jokes,” Barnhill added.

Ambacher’s neighbors have been supportive through the pandemic and now they're showing up for Ambacher’s newest battle.

“She’s pretty straight forward and told me I’ve just been diagnosed with bladder cancer and completely blew me away,” said Barnhill.

Ambacher did not have health coverage when she was diagnosed. She does now, but is still expecting to pay huge out of pocket costs.

“The doctor said there would have to be surgery. There’s gonna have to be radiation or chemo,” said Barnhill

To help with medical expenses, and to keep the restaurant open Barnhill started a GoFundMe page to help Ambacher.

“They just have such kind good hearts. It’s good to know there are people left like that in the world. That care about you,” said Ambacher as she walked away from the interview in tears.

Ambacher is overcome by emotions when she thinks of how kind her customers have been.

During these uncertain times, she also worries about the future of her son Bill, and his kids. But through the emotion and heartache, Ambacher is encouraged to keep fighting and to keep joking, with the family she has built-in her cafe.

If you would like to support Connie Ambacher and her battle against cancer, a fundraising page has been set up on her behalf.

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