Culture Shock Dance Center Closing After 17 Years

After months of financial strain due to COVID-19, the dance studio has announced they will not be moving forward

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As San Diego businesses struggle to get through a second pandemic closure, Culture Shock Dance Center owners say they feel like they've been put in a position to fail. 

After months of financial strain due to COVID-19, the dance studio has announced they will not be moving forward. 

Culture Shock has been an institution of San Diego county for 17 years. 

“It's been quite a gift to have this pace, this studio, and a community that has been so supportive,” said Angela Bunch, founder of Culture Shock. “(To) have all these dancers that want to come and rehearse here. It’s such a hub for the dance community.”

A hub that COVID-19 is shutting down. With the constantly changing restrictions, the smaller class sizes, and the end of indoor operations, Bunch says the numbers just didn't add up anymore. 

“Staying open during COVID is what killed us,” said Bunch.

Bunch says the studio's expenses stayed the same but their revenue went down to nearly nothing compared to what they used to make. 

“We’re so compelled to stay open, beat the odds, climb this mountain and overall serve our community, but all the while we're operating at 10 percent income and yet we’re still at 100 percent of expense,” said Bunch.

Earlier this year, the studio received help from a SPA loan, a PPP loan, and most recently a GoFundMe account. 

“Anything can help, but that just gives us a little more time than we’re paying more than what we can hope to bring in,” Bunch said.

The bottom line, Bunch said, staying open during COVID-19 just doesn't make sense financially. And with no help coming from Washington as talks over a second round of relief have stalled its game over, for now. Bunch says she hasn't lost hope that things could change once the coronavirus storm has passed.

“I would like to come back,” Bunch said. “That's my goal. Whether it is a different space, then so be it. But we have activated this space for 17 years and it feels like it's not done with us either.”

Culture shock has been offering online classes since our country fell back into the purple tier. The last class will be offered on December 17.

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