Ted Cruz Eyes San Diego as Delegate Battleground

California's primary is on June 7

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz is coming to San Diego Monday.

"I think he's going to get a lot of media attention," Jason Roe, former adviser to Mitt Romney, told NBC 7. "We haven't had one of the Republican candidates in San Diego since fundraising months ago and they weren't really getting media attention for being here. So I think this is something that will draw a lot of attention on Ted Cruz." 

For the first time in years, Californians will have something to say about who the Republicans will nominate for president and some political experts are calling San Diego the new battleground.

“It demonstrates the importance of San Diego to the outcome of this election,” Roe explained. “San Diego is a battleground in this state. If you can win San Diego County, it gives you a much better chance of winning the state of California."

Here's how the delegate math breaks down. For the Republicans each of the five congressional districts in our county are worth three delegates meaning 15 delegates are up for grabs.

A total of 172 delegates are available statewide. Of that number 159 will be allocated across California Congressional Districts (3 each), 10 more go to the winner and three are pre-determined. 

As the June 7 primary nears, political experts expect to see more candidates make their way through town.

"They're going to be focused on 'how do I win a congressional district,'" Roe said. "You go into some of the more rural counties in the state with one congressional district, it's not a good spend of your time. So I do anticipate we're going to see a couple of candidates here over the next several weeks." 

Senator Cruz also has a rally in Irvine Monday. Donald Trump cancelled a scheduled trip to Los Angeles Friday to focus on the New York primary.

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