Alleged Street Racing Ends in Fiery Crash

Apparent street racing in Chula Vista ended when a car struck a tree and burst into flames Friday night, according to Chula Vista Police Sgt. Scott Schneider.

The car fire was first reported just after 8:30 p.m. at Hilltop and H Street. Police found a 1989 Ford Mustang completely engulfed in flames on the south curb.

Investigators soon learned that the Mustang driver had been street racing with a Honda down H Street.

Schneider said it appears the two vehicles hit each other, causing the Mustang to lose control and crash into a tree.

The resulting fire caused the branches to burn, but firefighters arrived in time to stop it from spreading farther.

The male driver and female passenger were able to escape with only minor complaints of pain, but they refused treatment.

No one is facing charges at this point, according to Schneider.

"Obvioulsy racing in any conditions is not safe and illegal and discouraged," said Schneider. "We've got some new rain out here so roads are especially slippery and we're asking drivers to be especially careful."

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