Court Ruling Approves Renovation of Point Loma High School Stadium

The Pro-Point Loma organization has two months to appeal the ruling

Frustrated homeowners voiced their concerns after a long-awaited court ruling tipped in favor of Point Loma High School.

Neighbors surrounding the high school worry that a big stadium renovation will lead to bright lights, noise pollution, and extra traffic--especially after-hours.

Dave Dick is a member of the Pro-Point Loma organization that filed a lawsuit in Superior Court to stop an overhaul of the stadium last year.

The 17 plaintiffs argue the renovation will encourage hundreds of people to flood what Dick calls, a quiet community.

"Those people are going to park on the streets of this community whenever they have a game," he told NBC 7.

Dick is concerned that the use of the stadium when the school hosts 18 lighted events will also encourage the increase in crime in the community.

"It’s disappointing," he said. "We really thought we had the right case and we still do. We’re going to revisit our options."

Point Loma High School Principal Hans Becker said the stadium will be renovated to accommodate the large crowds.

"Point Loma has been around for 92 years and it's never had permanent lights," Becker said.

He stressed the addition of lighted events will encourage students to thrive and participate in sports, overall improving their educational experience.

Becker added he is aware that many homeowners share fence lines with the campus and can be inconvenienced by the extra cars parked in front of their homes.

"There is, in the works, a modernization project to increase parking," Becker said. "It still would not be enough parking for a night of event but what we are going to do is create the flow of traffic of pedestrians once they park to go through the campus and not try to park in people’s front yards."

The school is allowed to use the lights next fall.

The Pro-Point Loma organization has two months to appeal the ruling.

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