Couple Arrested for Credit Card Fraud in Lemon Grove

Authorities arrested two people for credit card fraud in Lemon Grove last week.

Lasaro Quijano, 30, and Bunthi Im, 29, were arrested after officers found numerous fraudulent credit and ID cards, meth and other drugs and a stolen handgun. A search of the couple’s vehicle revealed credit card making materials and items purchased with the fraudulent cards.

Lemon Grove Home Depot employees called the Sheriff’s Department after one of the suspects made a purchase with a fake card. The employees then saw him enter a hotel room across the street.

The couple is suspected of conducting numerous similar credit card frauds at Home Depot stores throughout the state.

Quijano and Im were booked into jail on a number of charges including burglary, possession of a forged driver’s license, possession of a stolen handgun, having card making machinery, possession of a counterfeit access card and possession of a controlled substance among other charges.

Their bail is set at $250,000.

The Sheriff's Financial Crimes Unit is conducting further investigation.

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