Council Approves Barrio Logan Zoning Proposal

On Tuesday night, San Diego City Council voted 5-4 in favor of the Barrio Logan Community Plan. 

The area south of downtown is known for industrial and shipbuilding businesses. The proposal includes zoning changes to keep polluting industries a safe distance from homes, schools, parks and hospitals.

Even though shipbuilding and heavy industry dominate the real estate along San Diego Bay, homes and schools are close by.

The new community plan will now change the mix.

The shipyards argued that if homes are built, businesses could eventually be force to close. The companies have asked San Diego Port commissioners to support a buffer zone between heavy industry and residential.

Proponents of the zoning changes claimed shipyard owners are twisting the truth and actually want to move even more heavy industry on the crowded bayfront.

The Environmental Health Coalition said the area has a children's asthma hospitalization rate three times higher than the rest of San Diego County.

The EHC has been working for years to put together the plan they call “Alternative 1” that they believe makes room for both industrial and residential uses of the area.

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