Coronado Teen Shot During OfferUp Sale Back in Hospital

18-year-old Jacob McKanry returned to his Coronado home Tuesday after recovering in a hospital from a gunshot wound he suffered while selling his gold chain to strangers via OfferUp.

Jacob McKanry posing in a sport pic

A Coronado teen shot and robbed during a jewelry sale organized on the app OfferUp is back in the hospital with an infection just days after his community threw him a welcome home party.

Friends and family gathered to welcome home Jacob McKanry, 18, on Wednesday. He told NBC 7 a good Samaritan saved his life.

Just two days later, McKanry's father told NBC 7 his son was back in the hospital with an infection that grew into an abscess the size of a lemon.

The victim told NBC 7's Jackie Crea he was saved by a good Samaritan.

"They said he will be in there until at least Monday. Please continue your prayers for a full and speedy recovery," his father said.

McKanry sat down with NBC 7 at his welcome home party on Wednesday and described the confrontation that left him down in the street.

“I just thought of all the things that I hadn’t done yet, and there was a voice just telling me that, you know, I wasn’t gonna die,” said McKanry.

McKanry and his friend had met up with two people to sell a gold chain through the app OfferUp. One of the suspects asked McKanry if he could see the chain, wondering if it was real gold. That suspect then turned to run and McKanry lunged at him, intent on getting his chain back. He said the other suspect pulled out a gun and shot him in the back.

“I heard a giant boom,” said McKanry.

He was shot through his lung, diaphragm, and liver. While his friend was trying to wave down a car, someone stepped in to help.

“There was a lifeguard who had been walking by at that time and he just happened to run over and put his hand on my wound,” said McKanry.

An ambulance took McKanry to the hospital where he was taken into surgery. Friends had texted McKanry’s parents, having heard the news. They rushed over to the scene on Orange Avenue near 9th and 10th streets.

“I collapsed when I saw the look on the police officer’s face when we came up to the scene, it did not look good,” McKanry’s father Chris McKanry said.

Thankfully, Jacob McKanry survived after a successful surgery and now has a recovery ahead. He told NBC 7 doctors decided to leave the bullet lodged in his body because it was so close to his spine.

To help the family with the costs of medical care, friends have started a GoFundMe account.

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