Convicted Cop Killer May Be Paroled

Jesus Cecena was convicted of killing SDPD Officer Archie Buggs in 1978

 The man convicted of killing a San Diego Police officer in 1978 may be released on parole, causing outrage among local officers.

Known gang member Jesus Cecena was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole after he shot 30-year-old Officer Archie Buggs four times during a traffic stop in Skyline.

“I think if you shoot a police officer and kill him execution-style like Cecena did, I think he deserves to spend the rest of his life in jail,” said Brian Marvel, president of the San Diego Police Officer’s Association.

However, in 1985, Cecena’s sentence was changed to seven years to life in prison, meaning he became eligible for parole. Since that ruling, the convict has been denied parole more than a dozen times.

The process for release is extensive, but the first step was recently made when a two-member panel with the Board of Parole Hearings sent a recommendation for Cecena’s release to the governor’s office.

Now, many San Diego officers are doing everything in their power to keep the convict in jail.

“The more vocal support we can get stating that Cecena would be a bad person to release in the community would be better,” said Marvel.

The District Attorney’s Office and the officers are calling on Governor Jerry Brown to reject Cecena’s release. Brown will make the final decision and has until September to do so.

"We need letters to the governor supporting us to make sure that Cecena doesn't get released because the governor has the ultimate ability to override the parole boards' decision," said Marvel.

The DA’s office will be writing a letter to the governor and asks anyone with a strong opinion on the matter to do the same.

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