San Diego

City Council Approves Dog-Friendly Makeover for Fiesta Island

The long simmering battle over two plans to makeover the Fiesta Island Dog Park as part of the Mission Bay Park Master Plan was decided Monday.

San Diego City Councilmembers voted unanimously to approve the more dog-friendly plan for most of the Southwest part of the island.

“I’m so happy to have Fiesta Island. This is such a sanctuary to come out here. I have two little dogs and I can run them every day here. This is literally the best dog park in the United States," Janelle Sisting, mother to fur babies Sweetie and Daisy, said Sisting.

Sisting, a regular park visitor, was one of many people who petitioned councilmembers regarding Fiesta Island’s makeover.

Councilmembers considered two makeover options Monday.

Option "A" would've reduced the amount of fenced-in dog space because of an added non-motorized boat storage area, as well as a road through the dog park.

Ultimately San Diego City Council members unanimously chose plan "B."

They were cheered for approving the more dog friendly plan that will provide a larger fenced-in, off-leash dog park, as well as leash-free dog swimming and better trails.

“If the pets couldn't access the water that would be a huge bummer. And having a road go through, it's not the same at all. Having it be smaller, I couldn’t do my long runs," said Sistine.

Scott Johnston is all for the dog park improvements that his little buddy Eddie should love, but he feels councilmembers should have agreed to a makeover plan striking a better balance for dog lovers and boaters alike.

“I think it’s not a good idea the way it's set up now,’ he said. “I think there is something they could do to work it out for both environments."

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