Truck Slams Into Chase Bank, Injures 3 in Chula Vista

A truck smashed through a Chase Bank in Chula Vista Tuesday, injuring three.

“It was just a regular day going to the ATM to withdraw some money, and the next thing you know, there’s a truck right next to me,” said Irene Archuleta.

She said she heard a “loud boom,” before seeing the truck half-way into the bank.

Archuleta said the ATM closest to the crash site wasn’t working.

“If that ATM would have been working, that would’ve been me there,” said Ana Gonzalez, who attempted to use the fourth ATM but moved to another one moments before the incident.

Archuleta noticed the driver after the initial impact.

“When he was in the car, he looked like he was out of it, kind of almost smirked and smiled at us,” she said. “Maybe he was in shock, I don’t know.”

While Archuleta sustained some cuts from the broken glass, she and Gonzalez were, fortunately, not seriously injured, though they were both visibly shaken up by the crash.

The driver, Chris Smith, wasn't injured besides cuts above his eye and lip, he told NBC 7. He couldn't explain what happened, but said that he pushed on his brake but the truck didn't stop.

Two employees and a patron were taken to a nearby hospital, according to Francisco Sorto, Captain of Chula Vista Fire Department

The extent of their injuries is unknown at this time, Sorto said.

A building inspector was called to the bank and deemed it safe for crews to begin clean-up. The wall the truck hit was not load-bearing, according to CVFD.

Money could be seen somewhat scattered around the crash site.

The driver told police he hit the gas pedal instead of the brakes.

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