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Chula Vista Bayfront Development Won't Impact Park Space: Port

One of the biggest concerns surrounding a massive bayfront development in the South Bay is the impact the development will have on the existing parks along the water.

The 550-acre development will include a billion-dollar resort hotel and convention center that the Unified Port of San Diego says will generate thousands of jobs and millions of dollars for the region every year.

Construction has already begun -- hundreds of trucks carry in dirt every day to prepare the area – and park lovers like Wanda Castillo wonder what the development means for Bayside Park and J Street Harbor Park which run along the bay from Sandpiper Way to G Street.

Castillo says she comes to the parks about once a month. She digs them for their views of the water and easy parking.

“Sometimes I barbecue and sometimes, like Mother’s Day, me and my son came and walked the water,” she said.

On Tuesday Castillo and her daughter had the grill fired up and were enjoying the sunshine.

The port says not only will the existing parks stay, but an additional 70 acres will be added. Better yet, the port wants people just like Castillo to offer their design input at a public workshop so that the space can be best utilized.

That workshop is scheduled for next Thursday, Sept. 27 at 6 p.m. at the Chula Vista Civic Center Library.

The green highlighted area in the graphic below shows how existing park areas will remain in place and it also shows the expansion of the park to the north near the Sweetwater Marsh.

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