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Good Samaritan Detains Man Who Strangled Child Until PD Arrives

A good Samaritan helped subdue a man who allegedly strangled a child in an apparent random attack in Colina del Sol Friday until officers arrived and detained him.

The San Diego Police Department responded to reports of a child being strangled by a man on the 4300 block of 50th Street near Trojan Avenue.

The victim, a little girl, was attacked steps away from the locked gate that protects the apartment where her grandmother lives.

Her family told NBC 7 she had just been dropped off by her father when the suspect grabbed her. Her father was able to separate his child from the man and get her behind the gate, but he says the man kept on.

That's when a good Samaritan, who we'll call Robert, sprung into action.

"It's a child," Robert said. "That is all I needed to hear, that a child was in danger and I had to do something."

Robert took the suspect to the ground and grappling ensued.

"He was exceptionally strong he was ...he just wouldn't quit," Robert said. He said the man was like a "feral animal" and had a crazy look in his eyes.

A San Diego Police Department officer arrived minutes later and put the suspect in handcuffs, but not before further struggle on the ground.

As all of this was happening in front of him, the victim's father pulled out his cell phone and began recording the confrontation.

The video shows just how hard it was for the officer and Robert to get control of the man.

Neighbors say the same man attacked another person in the neighborhood in an unrelated incident, but police could not confirm that as fact.

An SDPD Lieutenant said there was no history between the suspect and the victim, or the victim's family.

The child was taken to the hospital with unknown injuries and is expected to be OK.

No other information was available.

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