Where to Save Money on Gas

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Filling a gas tank in San Diego has become a battle, and there is no sense in fighting it alone.

In the wake of price hikes across the county, NBC San Diego presents the cheapest reported gas in San Diego, courtesy of FuelTracker.com and reader feedback as of Monday, March 7.

If you find gas cheaper, report it as a Fuel Tracker "gas spy," or message NBCSanDiego on Twitter.

Charles Langley, gas price analyst at UCan, said San Diego could be looking at its largest price jump in years over the coming days.

"You really need to get out now and fill up," said Bob Hansen, consumer reporter. "The longer you wait, the more you will pay, so fill your tank now."

North County Coastal

BP-Arco: $3.87 reg./$4.07 prem./4.22 dies.
Price time: 8a.m., March 6
Location: 1161 S Main Street South of Ammunition in Fallbrook.

 North County Inland

Exxon: $3.76 reg./$3.99 prem./$4.15 dies.
Price time: 9 p.m. March 5
Location: Mission at Broadway in Escondido.

Central County Coastal

BP-Arco-Thrifty: $3.77 reg./$3.99 prem./$4.09 dies. 
Price time: 9 a.m., March 3
Location: University at Highway 805 and Boundary Street in North Park.

76: $3.81 reg./$4.01 prem./$4.21 dies.
Price time: 7 a.m. March 7.
Location: W. Point Loma at Catalina Blvd in Ocean Beach.

Central County Inland

Costco: $3.69 reg./$3.99 prem. (members).
Price time: 9 a.m., March 3.
Location: 101 Town Center Parkway in Santee.

South County Coastal

Costco: $3.65 reg./$3.85 prem. (members).
Price time: 1 p.m. March 1.
Location: 1130 Broadway in Chula Vista.

BP-Arco: $3.75 reg./$3.95 prem./$3.99 dies.
Price time: 1 p.m. March 4.
Location: Main Street at Broadway in Chula Vista.

South County Inland

Gas Depot: $3.49 reg./$3.69 prem.
Price time: 8 a.m. Feb. 24.
Location: North Second St. and East Madison Ave. in El Cajon.

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