Chargers Fans Sigh With Relief After NFL Vote

The Chargers have the option to move to LA with the Rams

A Chargers move to Los Angeles is not a foregone conclusion, which means San Diego fans are breathing a shallow sigh of relief -- if only for a little while.

On Tuesday, NFL team owners announced the St. Louis Rams will be moving to a stadium in Inglewood, and the Chargers have the option to join them in 2017. Chargers owner Dean Spanos said he will make a decision about whether to stay or go in the coming weeks.

Many Chargers fans, who believed the vote would mean definite defeat, now have reason to keep the faith, even if they're stuck in football limbo.

The team has one year to work out a deal with the Rams, or else give up the opportunity to the Oakland Raiders.

"It's good news. We bought a little bit of time," said Chargers season ticket holder Ryan Fannick. "So apparently we've got one year to decide, or Dean's got one year to decide whether he wants to go up there, but why do you want to go up there and share the house with Stan?"

The "Stan" he referred to is Stan Kroenke, the owner of the St. Louis Rams who bought the Inglewood land and began the NFL's rush to LA.

Some hope the delay means the Chargers will have more time to work out a stadium deal in San Diego. City leaders say they're open to more negotiations, but only if the Chargers give up LA.

"It's shocking. It's shocking that they'd still be on the table. It's been going on for so long, and as far as I'm concerned, the last game, I said goodbye," said one woman who spoke with NBC 7.

Other fans have tuned out, only to get roped back in.

"It's kind of refreshing, but I don't know," said another man. "I'm still, hey money talks, and business owners, they really don't follow what the people say; they follow their wallets."

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