Carlsbad Police Raise Money For Local Woman Diagnosed With Cancer

The Carlsbad Police Department is raising money for a woman who is described by many in the community as someone who always lifts the spirits of others. 

Sylvia Ramirez, 52, has undergone a double masectomy, chemotherapy and radiation treatments for stage 3 breast cancer. 

She has worked at a 7-11 in Carlsbad for 14 years that is frequented by officers. She works the late shift, a time when many working long hours come in for coffee and conversation with Sylvia.  

"I've worked in Carlsbad for 10 years and I've known Sylvia for all that time," said Sergeant Ryan Opeka with the Carlsbad Police Deparment. "She's always been a very boisterous and fun-loving person." 

The department is raising money for her through a GoFundMe page and by selling pins.

"Anything that we can do, any amount of money will help her," said Officer Matt Jencen, who has known Sylvia for three years. 

Through pin sales and the GoFundMe account, the officers have already raised nearly $5,000 for Sylvia to cover her medical bills and take some time off work to rest. 

Anyone who wants to buy a pin for $5 each can contact the Carlsbad Police Department or purchase them in the 7-11 at 201 Oak Avenue in Carlsbad. 

If you would like to donate directly to Sylvia's GoFundMe Page, click here. 

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