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Bodies Found Inside Car in the Water May be Missing Coworkers in Chula Vista

Two bodies have been recovered from inside a car that had sunk in the water off the side of a road in Otay Lakes Tuesday evening.

The car was found off the road in the 13800 block of Otay Lakes Road shortly after 6:30 p.m. by an ASTREA helicopter that had been searching for two missing people in Chula Vista.

The car was found over on the north side of the road.

Milyn Elizabeth Chew, 23, and her coworker Aser Elsharkawy were reported missing recently.

Chew's last contact was with Elsharkawy, according to phone records. Elsharkawy's blue BMW 3series was also reported missing.

According to the California Highway Patrol (CHP), the license plate number of the car pulled from the water--a BMW--matched the number of Elsharkawy's vehicle.

NBC 7 spoke to Chew's family earlier Tuesday who said their daughter and Elsharkawy worked at different locations of a clothing store. 

"Very kind, shy, little timid," Chew's father Brian Fieldbush told NBC 7. "But beautiful girl, ready to take the world by storm.”

Chula Vista police had been tracking phone information to determine where the two could be.

At this time, CHP said they have not confirmed the identities of the bodies found in the car, which they believe had been in the water for about two days.

Otay Lakes Road was closed Tuesday night.

No further information was available. 

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