Woman Accused of Faking Cancer for Money Is Remorseful: Attorney

The Chula Vista woman accused of faking cancer and pocketing thousands of dollars in donations stood outside a Southern California courthouse Monday as her attorney described his client as "very remorseful."

Meaghan Hudson stood with her head down as her attorney addressed a group of television cameras that had gathered outside her court hearing.

“This was simply not just an act of greed or anything like that,” attorney Dan Smith said. “There is a story that’s something that everybody could probably learn from.”

Hudson, 25, faces charges of theft by deception and grand theft because investigators say she claimed to have cancer and accepted thousands of dollars in donations from strangers, family and friends for more than a year.

Hudson shared details of chemo treatment and even shaved her head after announcing in the summer of 2013 that she has multiple myeloma, and chances for survival were low, according to her step-mother who lives in Texas.

Hudson's parents started an online fundraiser that garnered $5,000 in support. Her family has since repaid about half of the people who donated.

One longtime friend said she helped with fundraisers and even joined a group that got tattoos to show their support for Hudson.

“I just think it was a lie that got out of hand, “ Chula Vista Police Lieutenant Fritz Reber told NBC 7 last week.

Hudson is expected to return to court May 20.

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