‘Breaking and Entering' … for a Good Cause

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Their faces were masked, their arms were filled with loot, and they were up to nothing but GOOD.

The suspects were volunteers for this year's "Breaking and Entering" event with Solutions for Change, a nonprofit that helps families who were recently homeless get back on their feet.

'This is something that we plan and prepare for, for the entire year," said Tania Azar, the vice-president of strategic advancement for Solutions for Change.

Azar said that for many families, it will be their first time celebrating the holidays in years.

Justine Mackey is one of the many who showed up to help Tuesday. Although it was her first time, she was pretty familiar with how it worked.

"In December of 2017, we got broken into," Mackey said. "It was great."

Mackey is a so-called "overcomer." After years of drug and alcohol use, and living on the streets, she turned her life around with the help of Solutions for Change and now works for the organization as an empowerment coach.

"It is, like, full circle," Mackey said.

Over the last two decades, Solutions for Change has helped more than 2,500 families.

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