Woman Claims San Diego Mayor Bob Filner Tried to Kiss Her

A third alleged victim who works at San Diego Unified School District has come forward

On Wednesday afternoon a third victim publicly came forward claiming Mayor Bob Filner sexually harassed her.

Special Section: Mayor Under Fire

Morgan Rose, who works as a psychologist in the San Diego Unified School District, told KPBS that Filner tried to kiss her at a meeting in January 2009.

Rose was working for an organization called America’s Angel Campaign when she met with Filner when he worked as a congressman, she told KPBS. The meeting was to help bring the issue of her organization to a national stage.

After their first meeting, Filner allegedly asked Rose for a private meeting, according to the interview. They met at a Marie Callender’s near his office, where Finer allegedly told Rose he had forwarded information about her campaign to Michelle Obama.

Rose said Filner then attempted to kiss her four separate times throughout the conversation and moved to sit next to her at the restaurant.

“He tried to move my face towards his to kiss me on the mouth,” Rose told KPBS.

She said she asked him to continue the meeting, but Filner allegedly told her he wouldn’t move until they kissed. Rose has since reported the incident to the sheriff’s department hotline.

She is the third person to publicly come forward this week, following Irene McCormack Jackson and Laura Fink.

After being accused of sexually harassing employees earlier this month, Filner released a videotaped statement admitting he needs help, but he has yet to respond directly to specific allegations.

Timeline: Bob Filner’s Term as Mayor

San Diego Democratic leaders are holding a meeting Thursday night to discuss recent allegations.

On Wednesday Filner appointed Lee Burdick, a woman, as his new chief of staff. 

Burdick said she supports the mayor's agenda of putting neighborhoods first.

“I am taking on this responsibility fully aware of the allegations and concerns confronting the Mayor and the City at this moment in history," she said in a prepared statement. "After serious introspection, I must step forward to help the City through these challenging times."

The San Diego City Attorney's office said Burdick is in charge of enforcing a rule that Filner does not meet with women alone.

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