Series of BB Gun Shootings Reported Across County Amid Comic-Con Weekend

A series of BB gun shootings was reported across San Diego County over Comic-Con weekend.

Several reports came in from different neighborhoods including downtown, Paradise Hills, National City, and Coronado during one of the county's biggest conventions.


Shootings occurred Sunday around 5 a.m. near Island and 7th Avenue, two blocks from Petco Park. Two people were injured, and only one was transported to the hospital.

Police said people also reported getting shot at 13th Street and Market Street, as well as reports of broken car windows on Park Boulevard.

The Gaslamp Quarter and the East Village were busy with visitors in town for Comic-Con 2019.

The shooting suspect was reportedly inside a white sedan and was said to be shooting from the back seat, according to police.

A series of BB gun shootings were reported across San Diego County on Sunday. Several reports came in from different neighborhoods including downtown, Paradise Hills, National City, and Coronado. NBC 7's Erika Cervantes has more.

Paradise Hills:

Away from the big con, several cars had their windows shot out in a Paradise Hills neighborhood.

People who live along Reo Terrace told NBC 7 that several cars had their windows broken when they were shot at by a BB gun. They said only one side of the street had damaged cars.

"I got a call from one of the owners about 4, 4:30 this morning. So, I took my Doberman, and her and I came out and we walked the streets and saw what was broken. They didn't touch any of our property," said Belda Smith, a resident of Paradise Hills.

BB gun vandalism appears to on the rise across the county. NBC 7's Erika Cervantes is in Coronado with more on these attacks.

Another resident, José Avila, told NBC 7 he spoke with neighbors and heard of reported shootings on Reo Drive that shattered car windows.

“We got here about 12, 12:15 last night, and I looked over to this vehicle right behind me and I saw that it was shattered, so I begged to wonder if there were any other incidents,” Avila said.


The Coronado Police Department said they had 11 incidents of BB gun attacks, including shot-out windows, around town overnight.

Officers did not immediately respond to comment about further details of these incidents.

National City:

National City Police Sgt. Springer confirmed that one business, four vehicles, and one home were damaged by a BB gun.

Comic-Con weekend saw more than 150,000 people flock to downtown to join in the pop-culture fun. The shootings and influx of people was cause for alarm for some residents near the attack sites. 

Crimes committed with BB guns have popped up all over the city in the last few weeks. Law enforcement is working to see if there's a link between the crimes.

No arrests have been made at this time.

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