Family Relieved After Arrest in 2011 Father, Son Double Homicide Cold Case

"I'm thankful that they did not give up, I'm thankful that justice is served, I'm thankful for that," said Patricia Flournoy.

The family of a father and son shot and killed in Golden Hill five years ago said they are relieved to hear justice will soon be served for their loved ones. 

Marlon Johnson was arrested for the 2011 deaths of Keith Butler, 30, and Darryl Hunter, 49, San Diego Police Lt. Scott Wahl confirmed to NBC 7 San Diego Tuesday. 

Johnson was taken into custody on July 25 at 2:30 p.m. by members of the Arkansas Fugitive Task force, U.S. Marshals and the San Diego Fugitive Task force after the San Diego District Attorney’s office Cold Case team issued a warrant.

Butler and his father were found by San Diego police on January 9, 2011 near 30th and C Streets. Hunter was found lying in the street across from Millers Market. His son was found in a nearby apartment. Both victims were taken to a hospital where they later died.

Authorities did not provide a motive, something that still makes it difficult for family members to come to terms with their loved ones' deaths. 

"It's been a battle," said Lori Williamson, Hunter's sister. "Just a battle, up and down, not really knowing why this was done."

"Even though they caught the person, I still want to know why," said Patricia Flournoy, Darryl's sister. 

In a way, though, the arrest provides a sense of closure for family members, years after the case went cold. 

"I feel a sense of relief, but I still want to know why, even though we may never get the answer," Flournoy said. 

Michel’le Hunter was a teenager when she found out her father and brother had been shot and killed. 

Police say the men had been visiting Butler's girlfriend at her apartment when the father decided to leave and Butler walked him to a bus stop.

Police say gunshots were heard about 20 minutes later, and the son ran back to the apartment, where he told his girlfriend to call 911 and then collapsed.

Michel'le said she was home when she first found out - and what helped her the most in the days and months after were her family's support. Now, she's happy justice will be served for her father and brother's deaths. 

"I can't wake up to good morning texts from my dad anymore, or having my brother call me at random," she said. "But to know that there is justice being served, I am happy."

For other family members: mixed emotions. 

"I never knew what was going on, why they were shooting at him," said Lamar Hunter, Darryl's brother. "I didn't know nothing." 

Johnson will be extradited to San Diego, where he will be charged with two counts of first degree murder. 

The family members expressed their gratitude to the officers for finding the man accused of killing their loved ones. 

"I thought they would never catch this person, ever," said Flournoy. "I'm thankful that they did not give up, I'm thankful that justice is served, I'm thankful for that."

"This means that there's justice," said Michel'le. "I'm so happy now." 

Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to call the Homicide Unit at (619) 531-2293 or Crime Stoppers at (888) 580-8477.

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