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After Death of Mira Mesa Mother, Residents Demand Change at Dangerous Intersection

On the morning of March 30, 2018, a gray sedan traveling westbound on Calle Cristobal collided crashed into Judy Bui's car as she turned onto the road from Caminito Propico out of the Tierra Mesa neighborhood in Mira Mesa.

That's where her life ended.

Her son, 4, had serious injuries including a broken pelvis, ribs, knee and fractured skull.

"The very first thing that went through my mind was not again because we have had several crashes here," neighbor Lara Janda said the day of the accident.

After that accident, NBC 7 investigates put in a California Public Records Request for citation reports for the 7100 to 7300 blocks of Calle Cristobal from the last 10 years.

Not including Bui's fatal crash, there were 13 other accidents caused by things like speeding and improper turns.

Neighbors say there needs to be a police presence to stop drivers from speeding.

One resident named Neha said, “Easily people are going 70, 80 miles per hour.”

Before Bui was killed, Neha, who lives nearby, said she contacted the City to file a complaint.

“If you take the barriers out, reduce the speed limit, have the cops give out some tickets, people will get used to getting tickets on this street and can’t go fast.”

Neha said she had a few conversations with a city representative, but nothing changed.

“He said 'It's not that easy. These things don't just happen right away, there is a process,' she recalled. "What more can I do?”

NBC 7 Investigates asked Lt. Brent Williams from the San Diego Police Department what, if anything, they were doing to make the area safer.

In an email, he told NBC 7 Investigates, “I checked with our Traffic Division and The get it done app. The Police Dept hasn't received any citizen complaints about this intersection.”

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