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Trading 4 Tires for 2 For Better Mileage

Drivers bringing out the motorcycle to fight high gas prices



    The high price of gas has people looking for ways to save. Some drivers are making fewer trips, some are carpooling and others are taking mass transit. 

    But another way drivers deal with higher prices is to dust off their motorcycle and hit the road.

    "I knew there was going to be a change," said Manny Navarro. 

    The credit counselor used to ride a motorcycle to work but for years he's been commuting with a Ford SUV. Now he's had enough.

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    "I thought of dusting off my motorcycle and getting it tuned up and getting it on the road," said Navarro. 

    His Honda motorcycle gets about 40 miles a gallon, much better than the 12 miles he gets with his SUV. But Navarro says he may have to get his bike tuned up before hitting the road. 

    That's no surprise to Mike Ramos who owns National City Motorcycle.

    "When things really start to spike we'll see people start to bring bikes in and get them fixed up," said Ramos. 

    He says many of the bikes that come in are 10 to 15 years old.  Many will get between 30 and 50 miles per gallon. But repairs can cost money and Mike Ramos says owners need to decide if getting better mileage is worth the $500 to $1,500 to fix their motorcycles.

    Manuel Navarro says if prices don't start coming back soon, he'll be back on the road.