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Are Thrift Stores a New Tourist Attraction?

Visiting resale and vintage shops on vacation



    On Your Next Trip, Try "Thrifting"

    It may not be first on your vacation plans, but you might want to include thrift stores on your next trip. NBC 7's Consumer Bob shares how "thrifting" is taking over traveling. (Published Friday, April 3, 2015)

    When Ayana Pitterson goes on vacation she makes some unusual stops.

    Besides the usual tourist locations, Ayana also visits local thrift stores.

    "I'm not saying you have to spend the whole day doing it," Pitterson said. "But pick one or two and just browse those thrift stores, the consignment shops and vintage shops and you'll be very surprised and happy."

    Pitterson goes through a closet of resale shop items she's picked up on vacation like a purse from New York, a sun dress from Las Vegas and a Christian Dior jacket from Beverly Hills. In each case she paid a fraction of the new price.

    When she makes travel plans, Ayana checks social networking sites like Facebook, Yelp and Instagram to get thrift store recommendations. She says it's a nice way to save money in the middle of an expensive trip.

    Tanya McAnear, who owns Bad Madge & Company in San Diego's North Park neighborhood, says more and more tourists are now coming to her store.

    "You're connecting with people who live in a community," said McAnear. "It's a much different feeling, it's true and authentic."

    McAnear also visits vintage stores while she travels. She says it is an effective way to get to know the locals.

    "You don't want to go to the mall. You want to see something different," said McAnear. "It's not the same old cookie cutter business."

    For Ayana Pitterson, every vacation is a new adventure, and a new resale shop.

    "Wherever we travel I'm always going to be on the lookout for an awesome place to thrift," said Pitterson.