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Termites Swarm Into County

Pests control companies have their hands full



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    San Diegans have a new problem on their hands: huge amounts of termites are swarming the county.

    Pest control companies in San Diego say the recent hot weather has caused termites to find new homes.

    However, experts say they only make it as far as the swimming pool.

    Lloyd’s Pest Control in Morena said they've had hundreds of calls from San Diego residents in the last few weeks.

    Termites Invade San Diego

    [DGO] Termites Invade San Diego
    Hot weather is forcing termites to invade pools in San Diego County.
    (Published Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2011)

    "The heat definitely helps and this year we're seeing a pretty strong swarm. Some years it barely gets noticed,” said Eric Paysen, entomologist for Lloyd’s Pest Control.

    Experts say the termites swarm to start new colonies – but they many die and land in backyards and pools.

    To avoid the bugs from going in your home, they say to put mesh screens in your attic or seal the cracks in your home's exterior.

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