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SWAT Continues to Search Trailer Park

Detectives believe the man may have escaped the house



    SWAT Continues to Search Trailer Park
    Courtesy of Thomas Bannek and the Escondido Police
    A SWAT team was still searching for Sergio Lopez on Thursday afternoon.

    An armed man who hid from police inside an escondido mobile home complex may be on the loose.

    Neighbors on the 1300 block of Oak Hill Drive are asked to stay inside with their doors locked if possible. Anyone leaving the area will not be permitted back according to Escondido police.

    Swat team members from Escondido and the sheriffs office are on scene. However, officers believe the armed suspect may have escaped their perimeter.

    Police started tracking the suspect when his girlfriend called police saying her boyfriend threatened to kill her and her children. Police located the man on oak hill drive where the girlfriend lives.

    While chasing the man, he fired two shots toward officers. No one was hurt.

    He hid in various yards in the mobile park for more than six hours.

    The search is still underway, and will continue until something more pressing arises, they said.

    Meanwhile, residents of the trailer park have been displaced. Red Cross set up a station in a nearby church with shelter and food.

    "It's intense because there is a lot to search. There are thousands of places," said Lt. Michael Loarie with the Escondido Police. "And you have to add the fact that we're looking for a person who tried to shoot and kill our officers. So that ups the ante."

    There has been at least one call to police describing a man out of breath running in the area.

    Check back for more information on this developing story.