Jewelry Sale Arranged on OfferUp Leads to Gunfire in Chula Vista Costco Parking Lot

A jewelry sale arrangement made by two OfferUp app users led to gunshots Tuesday night in the parking lot of a Chula Vista Costco.

Three shots were fired after the purchase plan went bad, according to Chula Vista Police Department Lt. Joe Briles.

Two men decided to meet in the parking lot of the Costco Wholesale at 1130 Broadway to facilitate the sale. Shots rang out at around 9:30 p.m. while the parking lot was full of employees and patrons, Briles said.

CVPD officers arrived after the 23-year-old victim involved called 911. The victim claimed he agreed to meet with the 30-year-old suspect, Albert Molina to purchase a necklace he had posted on OfferUp.

When Molina gave him a money order the 23-year-old attempted to cash it but was unable to withdraw any funds. The victim then asked Molina for the chain back, he refused and that was when Molina pulled out a gun.

The two ended up wrestling for the gun and the victim ended up with it when he fired at Molina's vehicle when he thought he was going to be run over.

By the time CVPD officers arrived the victim was holding Molina at gun point.

Both parties were arrested, but the 23-year-old was later released. Molina was arrested on a charge of robbery, confirmed CVPD.

A Glock handgun was recovered from the scene. Two bullet holes were also found in the side of an Acura parked in the lot.

No injuries were reported.

No other information was available.

In June, a man and a woman were shot by the woman's estranged partner in the same parking lot.

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