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Jamul Rattlesnake Victim Returns Home from Hospital

A 17 month-old baby returns to his Jamul home after suffering several bites from a rattlesnake



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    Animal control officers say they've gotten three times the number of calls about rattlesnakes - like this one - this year over the same period of time in previous years.

    A 17 month-old boy returned to his Jamul home Sunday after suffering several bites from a rattlesnake.

    The toddler was playing outside his grandmother's home on Manzanita Way Friday afternoon when he started to cry.

    The child's mother soon realized the boy, named A.J., had snake bites on his stomach.

    A medical helicopter airlifted the toddler to Rady Children's Hospital where he was treated for multiple bites from a baby rattlesnake, according to Cal Fire.

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    According to Dr. Arit Edwin-Enyenihi at Rady Children's Hospital, the boy is lucky to be alive. He did not have as much venom in him as doctors expected.

    The family tells NBC 7 as soon as they got the A.J. home, they discovered another baby rattlesnake in the backyard. Before this incident, a family member said they’d never seen a snake in the yard.

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    If you spot a rattlesnake on your property, calmly back away from the critter and leave it alone. Then, call San Diego County Department of Animal Services for assistance in safely removing the snake. Check this listing for animal services around the county.

    DAS also suggests being aware of your surroundings at all times if you are walking anywhere snakes might be, which means avoiding becoming distracted by your cell phone.

    If you’re walking your dog,keep it on a leash, that way you can pull your pet away quickly if you encounter a rattlesnake.

    Wear sturdy, closed-toe shoes while walking or hiking and stay on paths or trails, and avoid tall grass, weeds and brush where snakes might hide.

    Also, make sure you can always see the path ahead of you and look for snakes that might blend into the ground before picking up rocks or sticks.