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New Super PAC Lifts Off in San Diego

Fight4America warns that spending cuts will leave the U.S. vulnerable to bigger threats



    A new Super PAC based in San Diego is hoping to garner the support of the city's active military community to propel its message against defense spending cuts.

    Fight4America, the Super Political Action Committee, just produced three TV ads attacking President Obama, which will be broadcast in 'battleground' states.

    The ads are strong in their criticism of President Obama.

    "In a dangerous world, America needs to stay strong," one ad warns. "Now Obama's caught selling out to Russia on missile defense."

    New SuperPAC Lifts Off in San Diego

    [DGO] New SuperPAC Lifts Off in San Diego
    A Super PAC called Fight4America launched a campaign against defense spending cuts and lifted off in San Diego on Tuesday. Gene Cubbison spoke with Former Rep. Duncan Hunter and Jess Durfee with the San Diego County Democratic about the messages of the new SuperPAC.
    (Published Tuesday, May 22, 2012)

    The group's directors, including former House Armed Services Committee Committee chairman Duncan Hunter, say a series of automatic defense cuts, totaling upwards of a trillion dollars over ten years, will invite challenges from the likes of China and Iran.

    "As we continue to fight in the war against terror, we must realize that on the horizon, there are other potential threats," said former U.S. Rep. Hunter.

    But Democrats point out that the cuts were not the work of the President, but of a bipartisan, Congressional 'Super Committee' on deficit reduction.

    "When you get out of two very expensive wars, it's logical to cut defense spending," said Jess Durfee with the San Diego County Democratic Party.

    The President's defenders dismiss Fight4America as an alarmist, election-year creation that serves political aims and special interests.

    "It's the Republican Party's access to the defense contractors, who basically want the federal government to keep funding their defense contracts," Durfee said.

    Fight4America organizers insist the group will be active beyond this election year, to help stabilize the up-and-down nature of defense budget cycles. The first automatic cuts are scheduled January 2. Political observers say, it's possible they could be reduced or revoked.