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Man Accused of Drugging, Killing Dane Williams

Philong Huynh is charged with killing an Orange County man.



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    Philong Huynh (left) is accused of murdering Dane Williams, who was last seen leaving a Gaslamp Bar in January 2008.

    A City Heights man, accused of sexually assaulting and killing an Orange County man, talked openly about drugging his sexual partners according to his former boss.

    Philong Huynh, 39, is accused of sexual assault and murder in the death of Dane Williams. Williams was last seen leaving Gaslamp bar in January 2008 while in town for the 2008 Action Sports Retailers convention.  Three days after his disappearance, Williams' body was found in a rug in the north alley of 5200 Landis Street in City Heights, one block from Huynh's home. 

    Valium and alcohol were found in Williams's system, according to investigators.

    During the case's preliminary hearing Wednesday, Huynh's former boss Billy Sharrock testified that Huynh had told him about drugging his sexual victims. 

    "He would either ask the guy if he would be willing to have sex with him," said Sharrock.  "But if the guy would not, he said he would say would you like something to take to relax you. And he said the majority of the time the guy would take something. And the guy would relax and then he would have his way with him." 

    Huynh is also accused of sexually assaulting a second young man, a 21-year-old sailor identified as Jeremiah R.. The second victim, who testified in court in December because of a pending deployment,  said he met Huynh downtown on June 6, 2009 eventually heading to Ocean and Mission Beaches, and even Mexico. After complaining of a headache, he said Huynh gave him what he thought was Tylenol. He later blacked out.

    The next day he says he woke up on a bus and subsequent tests showed he was sexually assaulted.

    Detectives working on Jeremiah R.’s case identified Huynh as a suspect and determined that DNA evidence collected after the crime in June matched evidence gathered in the Williams' case.