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Cabana Fire Wakes Hotel Guests



    Cabana Fire Wakes Hotel Guests
    James Ballard
    Guests were evacuated on April 12 after fire broke out in the pool area of the trendy downtown hotel, The W Hotel.

    A downtown hotel known for throwing lavish parties in its rooftop lounge suffered damage in an overnight fire Monday.

    Streets were closed near The W Hotel at State and B Streets after fire broke out in the cabana area of the hotel’s pool.

    The fire alarm went off about 3:30 a.m. according to hotel guest Matt Cornner who was staying on the 18th floor. “We all walked downstairs, where we knew that it wasn’t a drill,” he said. “It smelled like plastic, like burnt plastic.”

    The fire was out in within minutes, but guest stayed outside while fire fighters checked out floors three to seven for any signs of fire.

    Karen Graham who is visiting from Albert, Canada stood outside watching the fire crews and said she hoped to get back into room so she could get a little more sleep before her flight home. “Our suitcases are really going to smell like smoke,” she said.

    Firefighters say that damage was confined to a wooden cabana structure, building exteriors, and common areas on five floors.

    One guest complained of breathing problems. Guests were allowed back in their room within 45 minutes.

    “That’s one hell of a pool party,” one guest was overheard telling a firefighter.