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Boeing Dreamliner Visits San Diego

Flights to Japan on the Boeing Dreamliner start from San Diego in December



    Boeing Dreamliner Visits San Diego
    The 787 is a radical departure for Boeing: About 50 percent of the plane is made of lightweight composite materials, with large sections produced by suppliers around the globe and assembled by Boeing at Everett.

    Locals lined up to see the Boeing 787 Dreamliner when it landed in San Diego Monday as part of a nationwide tour.

    The plane has been years in the making, utilizing companies across the nation for design, parts and technology.

    Hundreds of workers from two San Diego companies have been a part of the process.

    Hamilton Sundstrand provides the airplane's auxiliary power unit and Chula Vista-based Goodrich Aerostructures provides the nacelles and thrust reverser for the 787.

    Dreamliner Lands in San Diego

    [DGO] Dreamliner Lands in San Diego
    The Boeing 787 Dreamliner landed in San Diego Monday as the fourth leg of a nationwide tour. NBC 7's Kelly McPherson reports.
    (Published Monday, March 12, 2012)

    Employees joined other aerospace fans as they lined up Monday to check out the plane.

    John Anderson, Chief Engineer with Goodrich, said the plane doesn’t run as loudly as other, smaller planes.

    “We bring fuel efficiency, contribute through low drag. You're going to see a large extended nose lip on the airplane that is for low drag. And you'll see the chevrons, the scalloped trailing edging of the nacelles that’s for acoustics/ noise that we bring to the airplane,” said Anderson

    The plane landed just before 11 a.m. – two hours later after mechanical trouble in Phoenix.

    It’s stopping in cities where there are companies who helped build it.

    The airline is touted as state of the art with more passenger room, nicer flight attendant sleeping quarters and new comfort technology like dimming windows.

    The plane, Boeing says, will be quieter, produce fewer emissions and use 20 percent less fuel than comparable aircraft.

    Boeing contracted with Goodrich in April 2004. The contract was valued at $4 billion over the initial contract period.

    Flights to Japan start from San Diego in December.

    The plane will be in San Diego until Tuesday morning parked on the tarmac near Landmark Aviation.

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