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And So The Preseason Begins!

Chargers host Seattle Seahawks in 1st exhibition game



    The San Diego Chargers hit the field Thursday for their first game of the pre-season. NBC 7's Derek Togerson has a preview of the Bolts game. (Published Thursday, Aug. 8, 2013)

    After three weeks of pounding on their own team mates, the Chargers are sick and tired of seeing the same guys every day. Just ask them.

    "Players are sick of playing against the same guy every day," said head coach Mike McCoy.

    "At this part of camp it gets difficult because you get tired of going against the same guys every day," said TE Antonio Gates.


    The Bolts are happy as can be to see the Seattle Seahawks come to Qualcomm Stadium, even if the game doesn't count in the standings.

    "It's a great opportunity to go against another team," said McCoy, who'll be on the sidelines for his first game as a head coach at any level. McCoy has been orchestrating every detail of his team's preparation since July 24, the night the Bolts reported to training camp.

    "As a coach, you sit back in training camp and you script things a certain way, and you practice a certain way in pads, and you do it a certain way," said McCoy.

    But when the game starts? Just throw all that out the window.

    "Nothing's scripted," said McCoy. "It'll be good for the coaches for the first time, more on offense than defense, obviously, being a new staff here, of understanding, this is the way we're going to work together. Then, just call the game and let it go. Let the players fly around."

    Most coaches have an idea of how long they'd like their starters to be on the field in a preseason game. For McCoy, it truly is just an idea. Nothing is set in stone.

    "I'm not a big believer in saying, hey, it's only going to be this many plays, because it could change," said McCoy. "It's just a matter of going out and executing the system the way it's supposed to be done. When they're ready to come out, when they go out and do their job the right way, they'll come out and we'll put the (second team) in."

    McCoy has a system that is very difficult to define because it's so fluid. Basically, he's going to get with this staff and look at each individual opponent, identify places the Chargers can have success, and do whatever the thing is that attacks those areas.

    It's not like Chip Kelly in Philly, who has a system and dares you to stop it. Mike McCoy is going to keep us all guessing.

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