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27-Year-Old San Diegan Prepares to Join Fight in Ukraine

Some Americans are trying to join the fight in Ukraine – including a 27-year-old San Diegan

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People all over the world are watching the horrifying images coming out of Ukraine. 

Arthur Curry, a 27-year-old from San Diego, says he couldn’t watch any longer without doing something to help. He’s gearing up to join the fight overseas. 

"It’s a very surreal situation," Curry said. "I have bought my plane ticket. I have everything ready, just picking up some last-minute gear."

Curry is set to depart in two weeks. He’s been packing up supplies and working to learn the language. 

He told NBC 7 he's hoping to utilize his experience as an EMT and volunteer firefighter while he's overseas. 

"I know how to stop bleeding. I know how to respond to someone if they’re having a seizure, how to wrap a broken bone,” he said. 

After watching the devastating bombings in Ukraine, Curry decided to apply online to join the International Legion of Defense of Ukraine. This site launched after President Zelenskyy issued a call asking “friends of peace and democracy” to join Ukraine in battle.  

"Every time I see these children, these women, these men, all they want is just peace,” said Curry.

Curry explained the decision to join is also personal. Multiple generations in his family were in the military. 

“My uncle Otis served in Pearl Harbor and re-enlisted into World War II,” he said. 

All of his close family has since passed away – including his mother in 2016. 

“My mother taught me to love everyone no matter what,” he said. It’s a motto close to his heart as he heads into the unknown. 

“If I told you I wasn’t scared, I’d probably be lying,” he said. 

Although anxious, Curry said he knows one thing: “These people, they just need help.” 

He hopes to offer that help in any way he can. 

Curry added that some applications to join Ukraine’s fight are being denied because of lack of combat experience. He says if that’s the case, there are other legions accepting volunteers to help.

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